Abu Al-Fadel Islamic
Cultural Center has held
annual conferences on
Norwegian under the title
"Dialogue builds peace."
These conferences were
valuable where Norwegian
media were present, along
with the Christian religious
leaders, scientists,
government personnel and
writers, these conferences
have played an important
role in defining the Prophet
Mohammed and his
infalliable family's teaching
1.Tawhid - The Oneness and Unity of God
The Oneness and Unity of God is the most important belief in Islam.
It is the first part of the declaration of faith (Shahada), which people must recite to become Muslim. The Oneness and Unity of Allah (s.w.t) means that, there is no God but Allah (s.w.t), there is nothing like Allah (s.w.t), and that Allah (s.w.t) is not made up of parts. 

  4.Al-Imamah - (Guidance)
Imamah is one of the 5 Usul al-Din of
Shi'a Islam and refers to the station of
the 12 Infallible Leaders who were
designated by God to preserve the
religion after the death of the Prophet
Muhammad (s.a.w).
These Imams are protected by God
from committing any sins whether
minor or major.
5. al-Ma'ad - (Resurrection)
Al-Ma’ad is the term we use to describe
the events beginning with the moment
of death right up to the entry to heaven
or hell. Muslims believe that after our
spiritual and physical resurrection we
will face devine judgement.
2. Al-Adl - (Justice):
Divine Justice (Al-Adl) is the belief that God is Just and does not commit any act of injustice towards any human beings.
The belief means that God does not punish people who have obeyed and worshipped him, and does not reward people who have disobeyed Him. This is because injustice is a result of ignorance and the lack of wisdom, all of which cannot be true of God, the Most Knowledgeable, the Most Powerful and the Most Wise.

3.Al-Nubuwah - (Prophethood)Prophethood (al-Nubuwah) is the third Pillar of Faith according to Shi'a theology, after belief in One God and God's justice. Muslims believe in all the Prophets that God has appointed to guide mankind.

The center has its regular programs. It keeps the Prophet Mohammed and his family rituals, organize marches addition to Friday prayers are held also lessons of jurisprudence and Koran lessons weekly and religious lectures in more than one language. In addition, the cultural center often visited by students from universities and schools and it's developed a very strong connection between us and them. Through this, all our visitors gained a better knowledge of the Prophet Mohammed and his family's teachings

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